• Nicole Colin

Why Us?

Good morning everyone! This is Coco from Coco Design and Build, it is a beautiful Friday morning before the 4th of July weekend. I am super stoked, I got to go swimming this morning, and the weather is beautiful and this is going to be a great weekend and I hope you are having as good of a day as I am. I just quickly wanted to quickly reach out to you and let you know why Coco Design and Build is the right fit for your next kitchen or bathroom remodel. I have been in business for over 25 years doing renovation. I know a lot about what can go wrong and what can go right and I did work for a couple of other renovators before I started Coco Design and Build. One, in particular, that is very large and I know you know their name actually made some huge mistakes that taught me a great lesson and helped me come up with a wonderful process that won’t let that happen to you. One of the stories I am going to share with you is that one of my co-workers started a kitchen renovation and the demo team went over to demo and after it was all demoed, we found out that no one had ever put in the orders for the materials. So that unfortunate client had to sit around and look at their demoed kitchen for five or six weeks before we were able to get back in there and finish it for them. That would never happen on my watch. We have checklists and balances and we check in with our vendors weekly and make sure things are on their way. Crazy. It’s crazy what can happen if things fall through the cracks and so it's always a good idea, you know, to have those checklists and be checking all the time. And that is what we do for you.  There's also- we’ve all heard the horror stories right? People not showing up, people not telling you “hey, we're gonna start next week instead of this week.” I mean, I can't even imagine how that could happen, but it does, all the time. I know because people talk to me about that when I first go out to meet them. Those are the things you're not going to have to deal with with us. Also, I think a big problem that a lot of people face is that they’re in the middle of the project they've signed off on a certain amount of money for the project and all of a sudden the company wants to charge them for a bunch of ad services and the price you thought you were paying is not what you're paying, we would never do that as well. We plan so well that we really know what's going on and you won't have to face those kinds of issues. Our process will prevent a lot of those kinds of projects. So I want to be clear, we are human beings. We make mistakes from time to time but when we do, we fix them and you can count on that. So anyway, tomorrow I want to talk about what kind of results we get for our clients. I”m looking forward to seeing you then. See you later, buh-bye.

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