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Two questions I get asked all the time!

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Hey everyone! This is Coco from Coco Design and Build. I just wanted to do a quick video because I keep getting the same two questions when I am doing an initial consultation. It’s always the same two questions. One of them is, “Do you actually build the project?” That cracks me up because it’s in the name of our company. But I must not be making it very clear so here it is, we design the project for you, we will help you choose all the materials, we will purchase the materials, we will have them sent to our warehouse, we will send the materials to your house when we are ready for construction, we will get permits, we will get architecture stamps on your drawings if you need, we will also build the project. We’re a full-service company, we do everything to the start to the finish when you are done and we are leaving your project you will not have anything to take care of. Unless you decide, you know, to take some things out or something. The other thing I get asked quite frequently is “What kind of projects do you do?” and 95% of the time people are hiring us to do complicated projects such as kitchens or bathrooms usually master bathrooms. A lot of times we are moving things around, maybe you want your shower on the other side. Maybe you want to take out a wall in between your living room and you know kitchen or something like that. We can take care of all those kinds of things. We put in a lot of beams right now, you know, with the trend where everything is kind of open. So, hopefully, that clears some things up. Thank you so much for watching, I’ll talk to you soon. Buh-bye.

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