• Nicole Colin

Today it's from the heart! - Personalizing your space.

She was looking at what seemed like the 100th property and was losing hope on finding the right one. As they walked through the door of the expansive full-floor condo in the chic Fullerton district in Chicago, she looked down and saw a nickel. She reached down to pick it up and knew instantly that they had found their new home. Her father had recently passed away and had collected nickels. She believed that her father was sending her a message…an important message that they belonged here.

This is the story that my new clients were telling me when I went to meet with them for the first time to renovate their home…It was a very touching story and we immediately came up with a plan for that nickel and incorporated it into the design. Look closely…

Do you see the penny backsplash we installed? It is made of real pennies...all lined up on a mesh background so the tile installer could perfectly lay them out on the backsplash...but if you look really closely, right behind the will find that nickel - smack dab where she cooks the meals for her family every night.

You have a story too. And you can use it to make your house a home.

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