• Nicole Colin

Great organization for your kitchen cabinets!

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Anne and Daniel are the parents of 2 small children and they have a small dog that they love dearly. They have been living with the same kitchen since their kids were little… and now they are going to college. They decided it was time for a change… Functionally, the space was fine… but Ann is a fan of having her space REALLY work for her… Efficiency & a place for everything kept within the Kitchen was key… A special technology drawer to keep the family’s devices charged… Dividing drawers to specific sizes for her existing utensils keeps the drawers from becoming cluttered. A special paper towel holder/dispenser keeps things within reach… Ann wanted her space to inspire her and her family. She wanted a space that would help her be even more organized than she was before the project. And the new space is just that… organized and inspiring. Coco Design & Build Co. Change your space. Change your life.

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