• Nicole Colin

The results you can expect from Coco Design + Build Co.

Good morning! This is Coco from Coco Design and Build. I've done several videos over the past week explaining who we are and what we do and why we do it and why we might be the right fit for you. And today I want to go over what you could expect to get for results if you decided to go with our company. Our main client is a busy professional, they don't have time to sit around and you know design or decide which direction to go in, so it is really important that someone sits down with them and listens to what their needs are and actually gets it right. I'm not saying we always get it right the first try but we get really darn close almost every time and there are typically very few changes to make in the drawings after I sit down and listen to a client talk about what they want to accomplish in their space. Another thing that we're really good about is holding the hand of the client through the entire material selection process. People like to work in a few different ways I'd say 85% of our clients like to have me choose all the materials for the projects since, you know, a lot of times I'm showing a lot of those materials depicted in the 3d designs already and they may already like the way things are coming along. I'll choose every single material that comes to them and then they typically make a few changes, but I have other people that want to go shopping and figure it all out and that's fine too. We can work with you in any way that you know makes you comfortable. But the typical client, the busy professional, wants us to just do everything and say yes or no and move on and which we are very comfortable doing since that is how we typically work. I would say the third thing that is really important for results is the process that we have. We talked about that in the last video a little bit it really is important that we don't miss things, that things don't slip through the cracks and our clients really appreciate that when we are done with a space they can just move back in and they're ready to roll. So, I would say that is a really important result that we get if you are sick of working with inexpensive unprofessional, and unreliable contractors. We are the right company for you. So I would love it if you would give us a call at 847-454-6239 or direct message me and I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks so much, buh-bye.

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