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Help please! Local Evanston artists needed…

Good morning!

This is Coco from Coco Design & Build and I wanted to introduce myself. I just took over the space where at The Old Fishbowl. We renovated it this year we are almost done and we do Kitchen and Bathroom Projects. But the reason why I am reaching out to you is that we have decided to use the storefront over at 600 Dumpster and that's the corner of Chicago and Dumpster to show local artist's work.

If you are from Evanston you will definitely know this corner that where on. We're on the corner across from Doziko over here. We have Frio Gelato over here. And of course, Praded's Jewelry and on this corner we are actually going to be showing local artists in this corner here every single month a different artist. So check it out.

So this one we have John Q. Mayer he does guitar art. It's pretty cool. He takes these gears and all kinds of mechanical type of things and he puts on the guitars. He started up by decorating them for a guitar that here's because he is a musician but then he started to so much to them people wanted a bunch of them, Now he is selling them.

So the reason I'm reaching out to you is I need more artists cuz I want to be able to get a local artists in this corner every month and just be able to help the community learn about the artist that we have right here at Evanston. So if you know someone will you please send me their names so I can talk with them and see if they are interested and showing your art.

I appreciate any help I can get. Thank you .

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