• Nicole Colin

Do you like to color?

Sabine Hill, a manufacturer of beautiful cement tiles, has released a wonderful tool on their website. Because they will custom color any of their designs they are offering a coloring tool so you can play with coloring them in any fashion you would like! I love this and thought you might love it too. Please play around with will make you happy! Have fun...

Sabine Hill - Design Your Own Tile LINK


Select a pattern and choose your colors for a custom cement tile design from Sabine Hill. Our cement tile design tool makes it easy! Just select a pattern, choose a color and click on the section you want to use it! Then preview your design to see it in a 16 tile layout. You can even rotate the tiles to show different installation options. When finished, just download and print your Record Sheet, note where the colors go and contact us!

XOXO, Coco

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