• Nicole Colin

Do you know where the name Thee Fish Bowl came from?

Hi there this is Coco from Coco Design & Build Co. I am just signing my lease for my new space I’m going to take over the space for the fishbowl I know you all know it if you’re from Evanston. and I was sitting here with the Landlord and he is telling me a story about how it was named and I just wanted to show you the story real quick. Hi I’m Brad and the landlord where Coco‘s new home is going to be the funny thing is about the previous owner is that my parents along time ago bought the building and my mom was 50 years ago and said what should we name it and The owner of thee Fish bowl said just call it the fishbowl. And for 50 years it’s been that the fishbowl my mom’s name is Barbara Freeman. Yeah. She picked a good one so. That is an iconic thing… Everybody knows the fishbowl.

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