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Artist of the Month [Holiday Edition] - Highsummer

If you've walked by the design studio at Coco Design & Build Co. lately, you may have noticed that we have a holiday display with 2 additional talented artists' work displayed this month. Each of these creators make beautiful and affordable one-of-a-kind pieces that would make wonderful holiday presents!

Highsummer -

Highsummer light catchers are indoor home accents designed to enhance your living or work space. Meant to be hung near a window or light source, light catchers will continue to redefine their setting while endlessly refracting light; a continuous moving sculpture that filters light from the outside and raises your vibration inside. Made with carefully selected vintage beads and prisms, each piece makes for a refined and unique statement. Our living and work spaces are evolving. Cultivating tranquil surroundings with a higher vision in mind has never felt more important. Elevate your space. Stay high.

Jenna Temkin is the owner and artist behind highsummer. Formally a district 65 teacher, Jenna now works from her home studio in neighboring Skokie. You can find her work locally at Plant Shop Evanston and Retrofit.


If you would like to see some of these pieces in person take a look at the Coco Design & Build Co. Artist of the Month window located on the corner of Chicago & Dempster in Evanston IL. [600-602 Dempster, Evanston IL 60202]

XOXO, Coco

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