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I was just reminded of a problem I had...

A few years back I was renting a vintage apartment with 1 drawer. Moving in was quite a challenge due to the amount of items we store in our kitchens now-a-days in relation to what people used to store back when that apartment was built in the 1920's. I was reminded of this recently when Jackie Mack of Sotheby's Real Estate [] contacted me.

A client of her's is purchasing a home with very minimal cabinets and no drawers. To answer her question I put together a quick pinterest page to support the ideas below. Check it out!

1. I used a pegboard to hang things on. It can look kind of cute if you put cutting boards, etc... within the utensils.

2. I got some floating shelves from IKEA and put my plates, saucers, coffee cups on it.

3. A small rolling cart can be a great way to store lots of things...they usually have a towel holder on one side, some are also cutting boards and some have small drawers on the top which are perfect for your silverware.

4. Hooks on the wall to hang coffee cups.

5. Put cute, clear, storage containers on the countertop for flour, sugar, coffee...etc...

6. Spice rack can be wall hung.

7. Pot rack can be wall hung

8. Silverware can be stored in containers on the countertop - this is something I did even after I moved out because it is so convenient.

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