Shaul & Nancy wanted to renovate their kitchen to open up the space. The original layout was not the most efficient use of the space available and the new layout made their new kitchen much more efficient and easier to use from a functional stand-point. The kitchen is now open [visually] to the rest of the first floor including the dining room and living room. This makes makes viewing the outside area full of nature, the pond and fountain obtainable from most areas on the first floor.

"[Coco Design & Build is] the best of the best!"

Overall the existing layout worked for Shaul & Nancy in their kitchen. They needed to refresh the look of their kitchen due to the dated look. They also needed an upgrade because the builder's grade cabinets were starting to fall apart due to their age and the fact that they were not built to last. The lack of cabinet inserts inside the cabinets to help house their belongings was also missing in the existing situation.

Proposed Mechanical

Before - No integrated trash system                                        Before - Range Elevation                                                                   Before - Wall cabinets cut off the open plan of the space                 

How we solved the issues with their existing kitchen and created a light, larger airy space -

1. We removed the wall cabinets that cut off the kitchen visually from the living space beyond.

2. We integrated trash into the cabinets so there was no need for a free standing garbage in the middle of the kitchen's limited open space.

3. We added pull-out storage & inserts into the cabinets which made the cabinets much more functional.

Rendering done before choosing the cabinet style & color.

After - This photo shows how much more open the space is without the cabinets going across the the new "breakfast peninsula".

After - Now when Shaul or Nancy is preparing something in the kitchen he or she does not feel cut off from the huge light-filled space and windows beyond.

After - Shaul & Nancy's grandchildren will be able to sit at the "breakfast peninsula" and talk while he or she is working in the kitchen.

After - Well designed inserts for the kitchen cabinets make storage much more functional.

After - The new trash pull out makes the old free-standing trash can a thing of the past.

After - The pull out spice drawer holds a large amount of cooking supplies without taking up much space.

After - Adding wrap around storage to the base cabinets at the far end of the kitchen replaces the wall cabinet storage that was given up for the sake of an open kitchen.

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