Mark, Katie & their two boys invited me into their home for a full-gut kitchen renovation. Their beautiful bungalow home [built by the original owner] was in great need of update in order to accomodate their busy family lifestyle.

"Great, innovative design, we love our new kitchen space! Well thought out design, the process was seamless!"

A couple of issues with the existing floor plan made it difficult to do a usefull kitchen design in the space.

1. There was a large radiator built within the exterior wall half-way across the main elevation that prevented cabinets from being installed there.

2. The doorway to the attic was in the corner of the existing kitchen also preventing cabinets from being installed. The dishwasher they were using was being "parked" in front of the doorway and rolled out when access was needed.

3. An enclosed pantry made the already small kitchen feel tiny.




Before Conditions

Before - Radiator under window                                 Before - Doorway to Attic                                                   Before - Enclosed Pantry                                                 Before - Range with recirculating exhaust

How we solved the issues with their existing kitchen and created a light, larger airy space -

1. We removed the radiator under the window and installed floor heat which gave us the room to install cabinets along the window line.

2. We took out the doorway to the attic and it was installed on the dining room side in order to give us the corner to work with for the new design.

3. By taking out the pantry we created an eat-in banquette where the boys can do homework while dinner is being made.




As-Built Conditions

Rendering done during design phase.

Rendering done during design phase.

After - We were able to remove the radiator under the window creating lots of new space for a full sink & concealed dishwasher

After - The gas range replaced the old one in the same space but we were able to put in a new exhaust fan exhausting to the exterior where there previously was not one.

After - We removed the door to the back porch and winterized it by adding a radiator. This was a great place to add additional storage with a large pantry cabinet.

After - New color on the dining room walls brings a freshness to the entire home.

After - Banquette

After - A banquette is added where the enclosed pantry was creating a nice breakfast nook.

After - LED lighting is built-into the custom floating shelves for great utilitarian lighting.

After - The window was replaced with a shorter version to make space for the new sink location.

After - Dining room with new doorway to the attic stairs.

After - Banquette

After - Living room gets a new coat of paint.

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